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MOJO Executive Services Ltd is the consultancy of Jon Oliver,
a chartered accountant (FCCA) with more than
24 years of industry experience.

Through MOJO, Jon provides professional financial consultancy for organisations which do not require a full time finance director or which need assistance with interim complex financial or commercial projects. Change management and improvement in challenging environments is a speciality.

Jon has built up a wealth of expertise, combining technical knowledge with practical experience in a wide range of businesses and organisations, both private and public sector.  His extensive professional experience has included senior team performance in the execution of £250m + bids.

Jon has the unique ability to match a no-nonsense approach in the boardroom with a down to earth ‘likeability’, which is so important when gaining the trust and buy-in from management, staff and stakeholders alike in non-permanent roles.

His strengths include confident leadership, corporate restructuring, PLC finance control and reporting and increasing profitability via growth strategy and cost management..


Mojo Executive Consultancy provides a range of professional financial services.
Jon has more than 24 years’ experience of working with a variety of organisations.